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How to Break in Your SOLS

Hi Friends! We know and love leather and wanted to share some tips and tricks we have learned to help you break in your SOLS (or really, any leather shoe).  1) Wear your new SOLS around the house for short periods of time. We suggest   1-2 hour periods over a few days. This will start the process of the leather stretching and molding to your feet.   2) If your shoes feel too tight or are rubbing against your feet during the softening process, try a pair of socks to ease any friction and soften the leather. We use Kaktso brand socks because of how soft and comfy they are but any pair will do.    ** Note: Once your shoes are softened,...

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Artisan Spotligt - Gustavo

Hi, my name is Gustavo. I wanted to share this picture with you guys because it is so meaningful to me. In the picture, you will find my wife, Claudia, my two wonderful kids Xitlali Monserrat and Gustavo Jr., and my mom Lilia in front of the Cathedral of The Virgin of Monserrat most commonly known as The Virgin Mary. This is symbolic and significant to me because when I started my college journey, I had to drop out the first time when I had only 3 semesters left, due to dire circumstances that were out of my control. A year later I went back, but right before graduating, I had to suspend my final research and thesis, again. During...

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