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💕 What's your Barbie Job?💕

💕 What's your Barbie Job?💕

Hi Barbie! Errr…umm.. I mean SOLSmate! Sorry, you’re so strong, intelligent, and radiant that I just couldn’t tell the difference! 

Have you seen the Barbie Movie yet? Here at SOLS, we have and we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what our Ken job’s would be. Small spoiler – in the movie, Ken’s job is beach. Just beach. Nothing more than beach. Here at SOLS, our Ken job is shoes, just shoes. Designing, fitting, wearing, styling. Shoes. 

If I could have any Ken job in the world it would be nap. Maybe coffee. Probably both. But let’s take a look at what our favorite shoes Ken jobs would be and what that might say about you 😜


Our forever classic. Our beloved. Our Ana. Ana’s Ken job is sweet and indulgent. It’s invigorating but also oh so reliable. Ana’s Ken job is coffee. Iced, hot, oatmilk, whole milk, she’s got whatever you need. Her resume is incredibly diverse and will always stop people in their tracks. Let’s be honest, most people don’t even know how to start their day without her. 


Jessica is the perfect slip-on with the most intricate details. She is the model of comfort. She is oozing with art. Jessica’s Ken job smells like the hug from an old friend. Her Ken job is like a warm smile from a stranger or a cozy blanket on a rainy fall day. Jessica’s Ken job is Bookstore. She is comfortable walking down aisle after aisle finding you the perfect piece of literature. 


You cannot spell adventure without Bety. Well you can but…just take my word for it, okay? She is sleek, she is light, she is fresh. Bety is not your average tennis shoe. She’s leather, okay. Class👏y👏. You can dress her up and walk her for miles. Bety’s Ken job is farmer’s market. She is good for your body and good for your wardrobe. 


Mandy is next level. Her weave design, her orthopedic footbed, her colors. She is so good that it’s almost a little overwhelming. She has it all. Much like Ken, Mandy’s Ken job is beach. Her insole is waterproof so you don’t even have to worry about splish-splashing too hard. And with her sandal design, you can kick the sand right out. 

So Barbie, what’s your Ken job? 



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