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Ethically Made, Natural Materials, Generational Stories

Sustainably Sourced

Our Materials

Mindful in Every Detail

Genuine Leather

Naturally tanned and shaped using veg-oil and the sun

Natural Rubber

Sourced naturally and tapped from trees

Water Base Glue

A safe adhesive for the environment and our artisans

Natural Rubber

We only use all natural and recycled rubber for our soles. Our rubber is tapped from trees making it renewable and also biodegradable. Natural rubber lasts longer than other rubbers and has a natural grip. This being paired with genuine leather creates an ethical shoe that’s organically sourced and kinder to the environment.

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Our Production Process

Step 1

Our genuine leather gets tanned and curated with veg-oil while lying out in the sun. Our name comes from this step because in Spanish, sol means sun.

Step 2

The freshly curated leather is then cut by hand to create different patterns.

Step 3

Our artisans take the cut leather and start to hand-weave the shoes with techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Step 4

The leather then gets attached to the natural rubber coming from our foot mold to create the sole of the shoe.

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