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At SOLS, we believe every unique style, background, tradition, and way of life is worth celebrating. We’re out to empower every person to embrace their own culture and celebrate the differences that at once set us apart and bring us together. 

We honor our own heritage by sharing and preserving the amazing Mexican artistry of comfortable, handwoven leather huaraches, a time-honored staple of Mexican culture.


Every pair of SOLS you purchase helps support artisan shoemakers living in small Mexican pueblitos, most of which are located in Sahuayo, Michoacan. Using genuine leather, recycled rubber, and hand-weaving techniques passed on for generations, they lovingly create beautiful sandals with a story to tell. Together with SOLS, you can help provide fair-trade job opportunities and pave a better future for skilled Mexican artisans and their families. Each purchase makes it possible for them to earn a living wage, keep their children in school, and live a better life.

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