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Huaraches are well distinguished throughout the world and well known for their handmade artisanal feel.




Who we are and why we love it?


Hey guys Liz, Cici, and Abby here!


SOLS is a Utah based company working with Mexico’s most talented Artisans to bring you their beautiful products. Born in Mexico but raised in the United States, our immigrant parents dreamed to give us a better life than they had. As we’ve visited the small pueblitos our parents grew up in we realized we needed to share the beauty of our culture with the world.   

SOLS was born to give Mexican Artisans a chance to show the world what they can do.

Our mission is to give these Artisans both men and women the work and honorable pay they deserve in order to care for their families.

 Every pair of SOLS has been handmade by an artisan in a small pueblito in Mexico. All leather, carefully handcrafted, and designed by real people with real names.  Our hope is to share the beauty of the Huarache making art, which has been passed down through generations.  Through this project, we hope to provide job opportunities for these people. 




Warming Hearts one SOL at a Time 

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