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Date Night Styling Tips

Date Night Styling Tips

Things to worry about on your first date: 

  • What to say
  • Where to go 
  • Where to sit 
  • How to do your hair

Things that you don’t need to worry about on your first date: 

  • What to wear

You have enough to worry about on your first date – take some of the stress off by wearing SOLS. Let SOLS be your go-to date night shoes. 

SOLS are like your most supportive best friend. They’re there for you through thick and thin. They will always make you look good, no matter the situation. Without them you just aren’t complete (and neither is your outfit). 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to style SOLS for your next date night! 

Woman wearing stress & handmade shoes (Benita)

  • Floral Dress + SOLS 

    For a light and breezy afternoon or evening date, wear a floral dress paired with your favorite SOLS (we suggest Ana, Anita, or Benita). Floral dresses ensure the vibes stay fun and flirty. Keep the jewelry simple with a busy patterned dress. For a polished off look, throw a bow in your hair and add in a matching purse. Voila – you have the perfect date ‘fit ready and waiting! 

  • Jeans, Button Down, + SOLS
  • Catching dinner or a movie? Are you trying to pull off the cool girl “I tried, but definitely didn’t try too hard” aesthetic? Wear crisp, straight or wide leg jeans and a button down shirt. White button downs give off a clean and welcoming tone, while colored button downs give you the option to play with tones & color schemes. Layer one to two thin gold chain necklaces and pop on some gold hoops. Throw on your SOLS (we suggest Ana, Anita, Benita, or Silvia) and you’re out the door! *This outfit is fun because you can add the pop of color in your shoes! Peony Ana’s? Yes ma’am!
    Woman in wrap-dress wearing hand made huaraches (ANA) 

      3.  Elegant Wrap Dress + SOLS

    If you’re looking for an elevated date-night look, try a wrap dress paired with your favorite SOLS (we suggest Ana, Benita, or Jessica). Wrap dresses provided the perfect pair of comfort and effortless elegance. Play around with your inner artist and add small layers of dainty necklaces and stud earrings to finish out your outfit. The best part? Not only will you look incredible - you will feel amazing too! 

    Woman in sweater and skirt wearing black boots (LUNA BOOTS)

    1. Sweater, Skirt, + SOLS

    Have a little fun with your date night outfits! Add layers! Layer a chunky sweater over a dress or a skirt to bring life to a new outfit. Add a belt, tie, or tuck the sweater at or just above your waist to help add dimension to your outfit. Play around with different fabrics and don’t be afraid of color! Top your date night outfit off with a pair of SOLS (we suggest our Luna Boots) and you’re ready for a date to remember! 

    Stressing over dates is normal. Stressing over what to wear is normal. Just remember that SOLS is here to help! Let your SOLS take the stress out of the big moments, so that you can enjoy the big moments for what they are. 

    If you wear your SOLS on date night, tag us on Instagram or shoot us a DM! We love to see you thriving in your go-to date night shoes! <3 


    SOLS Team 

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