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How to Care for Your Leather SOLS

Hola friends! We’ve had questions on how to care for your SOLS. We’ve tested some things out and we have found this to be our favorite so far. Although different types of leather may require different treatments, this is a general guide for leather shoes: First, shoes quickly accumulate dirt, dust, spills etc. You will need to regularly clean your shoes with a damp cloth. So, if you do nothing else, please at least give them a quick wipe down to keep them looking fresh! Just like our skin, leather needs to be conditioned! Conditioning the leather will help keep its original color and softness. It will moisturize the leather, so it doesn’t dry out or crack (especially in dry...

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Must Have Shoes for Upcoming Travels

The perfect pair of shoes can make or break a trip. First of all, travel can be grueling on the feet, whether you’re in the airport going through security, or walking around your destination. Second, you want to be able to get through the lines as soon as possible, find your gate and be able to get onto your flight in time.The last thing you need when you are enjoying a new place are laces during the TSA line, blisters, or sore arches. SOLS has you covered for stylish and practical footwear for every leg of your trip.  When you’re at the airport and trying to get through security, you want a shoe that enables you to pull them on...

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How to Break in Your SOLS

Hi Friends! We know and love leather and wanted to share some tips and tricks we have learned to help you break in your SOLS (or really, any leather shoe).  1) Wear your new SOLS around the house for short periods of time. We suggest   1-2 hour periods over a few days. This will start the process of the leather stretching and molding to your feet.   2) If your shoes feel too tight or are rubbing against your feet during the softening process, try a pair of socks to ease any friction and soften the leather. We use Kaktso brand socks because of how soft and comfy they are but any pair will do.    ** Note: Once your shoes are softened,...

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