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How to Break in Your SOLS

How to Break in Your SOLS

Hi Friends! We know and love leather and wanted to share some tips and tricks we have learned to help you break in your SOLS (or really, any leather shoe). 

1) Wear your new SOLS around the house for short periods of time. We suggest   1-2 hour periods over a few days. This will start the process of the leather stretching and molding to your feet. 

 2) If your shoes feel too tight or are rubbing against your feet during the softening process, try a pair of socks to ease any friction and soften the leather. We use Kaktso brand socks because of how soft and comfy they are but any pair will do. 


** Note: Once your shoes are softened, stop wearing socks to prevent the shoes from stretching too much. 2-4 wears with socks should be plenty.

3) Protect hot spots, like your heels, the sides and tops of your toes from blisters. Blisters are caused by the friction between your foot and the shoe.

A few tricks to avoid blisters:

- Keep your feet moisturized, but not too much.

- Use antiperspirants (not to be confused with deodorants) to reduce sweating, as foot sweat increases rubbing. Be sure to let the antiperspirant dry before putting on your SOLS.

- Use talc or blister prevention sticks like Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick.

- When in doubt, you can always use the good old Band-Aid.


We recommend staying away from water or heat. Although these methods will work as a quick solution, they can ruin the curation process and dry out the leather.

4) Another great thing to do to take care of your shoes is applying our Leather Conditioner before putting them on for the first time. The conditioner helps to keep your shoes moisturized and prevents them from breaking over time.

We will have another blog post soon with tips about how to properly care for your shoes, so stay tuned!


xoxo SOLS

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