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3 Ways to Style Ana

3 Ways to Style Ana

The Ana is our best seller season to season and we're not surprised. Everyone who grabs a pair of these classic huarache sandals are impressed with how comfortable the handwoven leather is and how versatile they are.

Styling a timeless piece like Ana is an easy way to introduce your WARDROBE to leather shoes, if you haven't already. And you know your own style better than anyone, so putting together outfits with our bestseller is something we know you've got a handle on!

However, if you're wanting some extra inspiration, you know we've always got you covered.

 Lounging in style

Staying as comfortable as possible has been something we've all adapted more into our style this past year. Even on days we're not leaving the house, we need to get dressed up sometimes just to keep sane! That's why pairing Ana with an easy and soft jumpsuit has been one of our favorite go-to styles lately.

Other loungewear essentials we’ve been pairing off with Ana include lounge sets, and just some good old-fashioned sweatpants.

Minimal effort, but such a huge pay-off.

When on-the-go

What exactly is “casual-cute” you may ask? It’s pretty much anything you want it to be! But let us get more specific for the sake of being helpful.

For anytime you need to run errands or drop off kids or just take a walk around the neighborhood, we suggest the easiest outfit of all: jeans and a blouse. There’s no need to get too wrapped up in what you’re wearing because once you throw on Anas, they elevate your outfits effortlessly.

To brunch...or not to brunch

Lastly, you can always throw on one of your dresses that you’d totally wear to brunch, even if brunch isn’t happening today. This look glows with charm and has an easy method that anyone could achieve. Because, like clockwork, Ana will do the heavy lifting to make your outfits come alive.

We hope you're able to draw inspiration from this to go on and create some beautiful looks with the Ana. And remember, don't be afraid to get playful and creative! Frankly, just thinking about it makes us excited about the possibilities in store for you.


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