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How to Care for Your Leather SOLS

How to Care for Your Leather SOLS

Hola friends! We’ve had questions on how to care for your SOLS. We’ve tested some things out and we have found this to be our favorite so far. Although different types of leather may require different treatments, this is a general guide for leather shoes:

First, shoes quickly accumulate dirt, dust, spills etc. You will need to regularly clean your shoes with a damp cloth. So, if you do nothing else, please at least give them a quick wipe down to keep them looking fresh!

Just like our skin, leather needs to be conditioned! Conditioning the leather will help keep its original color and softness. It will moisturize the leather, so it doesn’t dry out or crack (especially in dry climates).

  • Clean excess dirt with a fine damp cloth or soft brush  
  • Treat any serious stains and let dry before conditioning (a weak solution of vinegar and water gently rubbed on the stain should help) 
  • Apply leather conditioner – Always test a small area first. We rub the conditioner with a cloth all in one direction 
  • Rest overnight – After conditioning leave them to dry overnight so the conditioner seeps into the leather.
  • Buff to a shine (optional)
  • DO NOT use any type of heat or direct water – see the post on how to break in your SOLS for those details
  • Lastly, wear your SOLS like a boss

 **For suede leather like the one used for our Maribel shoe, you will want to first seal the leather with a water-resistant spray. When conditioning suede leather you will want to make sure you are applying the conditioner in one direction. If you apply or brush in different directions it may cause the color to appear inconsistent. After rubbing and conditioning, seal the leather again.

We hope this was beneficial to you and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us!


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