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Benefits of Wearing Leather

Benefits of Wearing Leather

Quality that Lasts
Leather is a long-lasting material that can live in your everyday wardrobe for years. One of our favorite party tricks about leather is how it grows softer with each wear. You won’t have to replace your sandals every so often either because of how tough and resilient leather can be. What better material to pair up with than leather for feet that constantly work for you?

Reduces Foot Odor
Simply put, wearing leather shoes will make your feet stink less. How great is that? The material of leather is a natural fighting agent against foot odor! This works so well because the leather will absorb excess foot moisture and release it through evaporation. Along with this, veg-oil, which is used to tan our leather, also eliminates foot odor. It’s the perfect combination of materials to give you fresh feet.
Pro tip: Conditioning your leather is another added treatment to keep leather shoes in a de-odorized state!

Molds to Your Foot Shape
Everyone’s feet are different from one another, and it’s not exactly an easy option to get yourself custom-made shoes. That’s the beauty of leather. It will mold to your unique foot’s shape! Every curve and different sized arch will be accounted for by your leather SOLS. Our memory foam insoles are also constantly molding to the shape of your feet. Making for a more comfortable everyday experience.

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