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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I love your shoes, but I am not sure what size to get. What do you recommend? 

First and foremost, the fit is based on your preference, but we do have suggestions to make it easier to snag the right shoe size!

With that said, we have different SOLS Styles, let’s buckle up as we go through each item:

Ana and Anita 2.0: These have half sizes, which can help you wear shoes that are true to size.If you are in between sizes, such as 8-8.5 or 8.5-9, you will want to go for the smaller size so 8 from the 8-8.5 and the 8.5 for the 8.5-9. The reason being, the leather stretches and will mold to your feet after wear and they stretch half an inch.

Noemi, Jessica, Silvia, Maddie, and Pilar: These are only whole sizes. If you are half a size or have wide feet size up!

Bety: These run small, you will want to size up on this style.

Luna Boots: These run a little snug, but they do have an insole that you can remove to provide more space. If you are a half size, size down.

  • I am worried about the heel space with your Anitas, Benita, and mule styles. What size would I get? 

It depends on how much heel space you want, if you want it to be extra in the back, size up and if you want it to be just about right, stick with your usual size.

  • My shoes seem small. Do I need to exchange sizes?

SOLS shoes might be a little small on your feet initially, but since they are made of genuine leather, they will stretch as you wear them. The amount they will stretch is about half an inch maximum.

We suggest that if they are initially a little snug, the tip to breaking in SOLS shoes is to wear them around your house, with socks. This helps the leather to start molding to your feet and will feel more comfortable as you wear them around each day(it can take about a week to notice a difference).

Even after you wear them around at home and they still are too tight, reach out at hola@shopsols.com and they are happy to work with you to get the right fit.

  • Can I get a refund on my order? 

All sales are FINAL SALE, meaning they are non-refundable. We provide in-store credit that you can use for a future order. 

  • If I need to exchange my shoes, how do I start that process? 

Contact our customer service at hola@shopsols.com via email, they will walk you through how to get the process started.

When you ship the order back, please include your order number, your reason for wanting to exchange, and whether you would like a different size/style or store credit. Here is a link to our return policy: https://shopsols.com/pages/return-policy: 

  • How does in-store credit work? 

If you choose to exchange/return a pair for store credit, we will send a customized discount code to your email address that you can use at checkout for your future purchase.

  • I am seeing separation from the soles of my shoes or my shoes arrived damaged Is there anything that can be done? 

If you are finding any sort of quality issues on your SOLS, send an email to our customer service team at hola@shopsols.com. Include pictures of the separation, a picture of the inside of the shoe, and your order number.

Also, you can utilize clear gorilla glue, to glue the soles on for the ones that are separating.

  • Can I wear my SOLS shoes in the water? 

While you can wear SOLS in the water, we do not recommend getting them wet. We do, however, recommend using waterproof spray and conditioning your shoes. Water will stretch them out as you’re wearing them and the material will stiffen as they dry.

We do recommend treating your SOLS with a water repellant spray, so that the water repels off of them and not into them. We recommend doing that about every 3-6 months.


  • What is the best way to have my SOLS last?

Conditioning your leather is one of the best ways for your genuine leather shoes to last even longer. Genuine leather is like a skin, so it naturally needs to be moisturized to prevent cracks and wear to the leather. We have a phenomenal leather conditioner you can get here.

1. You will wipe your leather shoes down from dirt/grime, with a damp washcloth. Let it dry.

2. Use a dry wash cloth and rub it into the shoe conditioner, then apply the leather conditioner liberally to the leather over the entire shoe.

3. Letting the shoes sit overnight is best practice, but 2-3 hours wait is the minimum. That’s it!

We recommend conditioning your SOLS every 3-6 months for optimal longevity.


  • When are you restocking this style?

We may not always have a clear answer for when we are restocking a specific style, but we always keep our text and email subscribers in the loop! You can sign up to join the list using this link: https://sols.attn.tv/p/aF5/landing-page


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