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Kids (Crema Natural) Kids (Crema Natural)
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*** Sizing is in CM. Please checkout our instagram highlight on size guide for kids or our instagram tv video for help. 

*Pre orders ship in 4-6 weeks

These unisex SOLS huaraches include a fully lined genuine leather insole with cushion for comfort, leather upper weaving, and a crepe rubber sole. Crepe rubber is tapped from Para rubber trees, it is meant to last you a few lifetimes or kids, perfect for a hand me down item to keep. Crepe rubber is most commonly used on work boots for its longevity and indoor soccer shoes for its grip.

sizes 12-17 come with a velcro bracelet for the new babies to not lose their shoes. 

Hector Hector
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Our first pair of men's huaraches, the Hector. The same weave and design of our women’s top selling Ana. Can be styled for any occasion. 100% genuine leather weave and insole to help with odor control. Crepe rubber sole for a long lasting perfect shoe. 

*For best fit, size down 

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