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Ana 1.0  (Crema Natural) Ana 1.0  (Crema Natural)
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***ships out in 3-5  business days 
  • Ana is our top seller year after year. The classic premium leather with an enhanced sole made from a natural rubber is sure to help you make it through ANY day.
  • We have added a memory foam insole for even more out of the box comfort.
Kids (Crema Natural) Kids (Crema Natural)
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*** Sizing is in CM. Please checkout our instagram highlight on size guide for kids or our instagram tv video for help. 

*Pre orders ship in 4-6 weeks

These unisex SOLS huaraches include a fully lined genuine leather insole with cushion for comfort, leather upper weaving, and a crepe rubber sole. Crepe rubber is tapped from Para rubber trees, it is meant to last you a few lifetimes or kids, perfect for a hand me down item to keep. Crepe rubber is most commonly used on work boots for its longevity and indoor soccer shoes for its grip.

sizes 12-17 come with a velcro bracelet for the new babies to not lose their shoes. 

Maria (Tan) Maria (Tan)
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Maria is one of our original Huarache sandals styles. Handcrafted and woven with a horizontal weave to give more forgiving room to the width of your feet. It also helps create more airflow and lets your toes peek through, making it the perfect summer sandals that are so versatile they will match every summer outfit in your closet.  Fully loaded with Genuine leather, arch support, natural rubber sole.
Ana 2.0 (Crema Natural) Ana 2.0 (Crema Natural)
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In stock items ship in 2-3 business days 
Made to Order items may take 6-8 weeks

Our classic Ana huaraches sandals got an upgrade! Fully loaded with: arch support, sweat resistant insole, more room in the toe box, drawer natural rubber sole, and HALF SIZES! 

Luna Boots (Tan) Luna Boots (Tan)
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$89.99 $149.99
Our first of its kind! Vegan Cactus leather Luna Boots! The chunky heel provides hours of comfort. The removable insole helps to minimize any odor. Perfect Pull tab for easy on and off.
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