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Why SOLS Uses Real Leather

Why SOLS Uses Real Leather

The SOLS way is to use 100% genuine for all of our shoes. We source our leather ethically to continue being gentle with the planet in all the ways we can. There’s endless things we love about using genuine leather for our shoes, but we wanted to tell you about a few of those really important ones. Here’s why SOLS uses real leather.

Built to Last

Where there’s leather, there’s years worth of wear ahead of you. Your shoes, bags, jackets or otherwise will be some of your most durable pieces! With every wear in your leather shoes, they grow softer and mold to your own foot's shape. This makes leather comfortable and supportive. Leather has been the best kind of material for long-lasting clothes for centuries. This means there's definitely some great examples to look back on. Our favorite is the history of huarache sandals in Mexico.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re taking care of your leather so you don't get any cracking or early breakage. We recommend our Organic Leather Conditioner to be applied to our shoes every few months!

Celebrating Culture

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s a long history of the huarache sandal specifically in Mexico that we honor with our own shoes. Huaraches have stayed a Mexican staple for many generations. One of the reasons being is the knowledge on how to make these shoes was continuously passed down through families and communities. This allowed the tradition to stay alive and continue making its mark on the world. We celebrate our own Mexican heritage and the culture behind huaraches everyday through our shoes and the artisan shoemakers behind every pair.

Ethical Process

Our genuine leather is sourced ethically to make sure we are not being too rough on environments. Leather itself is also a friendly material in long terms as well. It will biodegrade  once it no longer can be worn. This is something most other shoe materials will not be able to do. Most shoes get made from plastic which doesn't hold its shape or last as long. These shoes are what end up sitting inside a landfill for...a very long time.

Let us know what you think about genuine leather and all of its special features! There’s so many great reasons for a shoe to be made from leather, and we hope you get to experience first hand how these kinds of shoes are a life gamechanger.



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