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*** Sizing is in CM. Please checkout our instagram highlight on size guide for kids or our instagram tv video for help. 

These unisex SOLS huaraches include a fully lined genuine leather insole with cushion for comfort, leather upper weaving, and a crepe rubber sole. Crepe rubber is tapped from Para rubber trees, it is meant to last you a few lifetimes or kids, perfect for a hand me down item to keep. Crepe rubber is most commonly used on work boots for its longevity and indoor soccer shoes for its grip.

sizes 12-17 come with a velcro bracelet for the new babies to not lose their shoes. 


Join us in helping raise funds this Christmas for our Artisans and their kids!

Think of it as an easy way to be a Secret Santa this Holiday season. 

Every year we raise funds so that our artisan's children can have presents under the tree. We deliver the money straight to their parents (the artisans) so they can buy the toys and ultimately give credit to Santa or to their parents. 


Other ways to donate: 




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